Cannock CID are proud to stock a vast range of British Gypsum Drywall products suited for any and all building needs. Our BG Drywall range includes:

WallBoard – This is a simple, cost-effective but high quality wall board that’ll do the trick if you’re after a standard wall or ceiling lining.

FireLine – FireLine Boards are an easily recognizable board that increases fire resistance characteristics, and still maintaining the high standard that British Gypsum offers. It’s best used in domestic separating walls and corridors. At Cannock CID we stock standard FireLine and FireLine MR, which is a more moisture resistant option for long-term builds.

Moisture Resistant – Like all BG Boards, this high-quality and recognizable contains water repelling additives in its core, making it a perfect fit for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as being suitable for external soffits in sheltered positions.

SoundBloc – SoundBloc Boards are a high-density board that give elevated sound-resistance for areas where greater levels of sound insulation is required. We also stock SoundBloc MR, with higher moisture resistance.

ThermaLine SUPER – ThermaLine Boards are a standard Gypsum plasterboard bonded to a phenolic foam insulant, which provides for an enhanced level of thermal insulation for keeping the heat in, with an extra layer for condensation control.

DuraLine – Gyproc DuraLine Boards give a little bit of everything. Sound insulating, fire resistant, and impact resistant, this board is best used in schools, hospitals, and in heavy duty areas prone to impact damage. Also available in Cannock CID is DuraLine MR, which adds a moisture-resistant core.

Wallboard TEN – Wallboard TEN is Gypsum plasterboard engineered for specific sound insulation performance in accordance with building regulations the residential sector. This is a basic board that must be used in all residential projects, both new builds and refurbishments.

Gyproc Plank – Gyproc Plank is a slightly thicker version of the standard board to enable increased acoustic performance, and is considered by many the ultimate solution for modern buildings. It’s most commonly used in elevator shafts and stairwells, which is testament to its sound resistance!



Cannock CID stocks a wide range of plasters for all kinds of drylining needs. We have Thistle Board Finish, Thistle Multi-finish, Bonding 60, Driwall Adhesive, and Thistle Hardwall. For more info on our Plaster offerings, give us a call or check out the BG Website!


Taping and Jointing Materials

Taping and jointing materials are essential for Drylining, and our range of British Gypsum products are recommended to go with the Plasterboards that we stock in order to provide a safe and sound finish. We stock Gyproc Joint Filler, Joint Cement, Wondertex Filler, Finish, Joint tape, Corner tape, and Fibre tape. If you need more info, give us a call, or visit BG’s Website!


Drylining Tools

If you’re new to Drylining and need to kit yourself out, or just need some replacement tools, we’ve got you covered. We stock Marshalltown trowels, knives, hand sanders, utility saws, and rasps. We also keep Gyproc hand and pole sanders, in case you need some extra reach!

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