Tools & Accessories

Here at Cannock CID, we supply a multitude of tools and accessories for your every building need. If you need anything specific, give us a call on 01543 573999. We can supply you with tools from Marshalltown, Gyproc, and various other providers. Some of the items we stock are:

-Stainless steel taping knives in varying sizes

-Joint knives in varying sizes

-Inside-corner trowels

-Plasterers trowels

-Midget trowels

-Utility saws

-Hand sanders & rasps

-Handheld hawks

-5m measuring tape

-Aviator snips

-Sanding paper

-Replacement blades

-Cove mitrebox

-SDS drill bits

-EST Wing & Surestrike hammers

-Cement pan

-Pole sander

-Skeleton guns 1L & 310ML

-70L & 40L Flexitubs

-Invincible & Yellow Buckets

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